Stagecoach Express - Stole my money and my business !!!!!!!

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several years ago, i purchased Arizona Value Shuttle, airport shuttle company from Lloyd Dillon for a large sum of money only to find out that he lied about the volume of business and the condition of the vans, he said they were in prestine condition(lie), he never mentioned the legal matters for no worker's comp, a former employeed was suing him for lots of money for the non worker's comp, he ruined my credit, stole the business back, we agreed that he would take over the payment and he never did, he never has the proper insurance, he uses personal cars, this is a bad sign when u see this form of business, I WANT MY MONEY!now i see he is doing the samething to someother poor souls!!

he will get his one day, calling his company inter airport shuttle and stealing stage coach name back!! this man is a crook and a drunk, u can see him most nights at Captains Bar in Apache Junction!!!!!!!!

he has a drinking problem!yes

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